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How to be Your Own Real Estate Agent

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Real estate, Real Estate Agent |

Buying a house always requires that you contact your local real estate agency to find the best possible solution to your home buying problem. In most cases the original idea of your ideal home is affected and often completely different due to suggestions from the agency. They are taking into consideration your wishes but in the end, you don’t always get what you wanted in the first place. The same goes with selling the house; your price will change and in most cases decrease as the agency suggests that it is the best move for selling the realty.

The FSBO process.
House-for-Sale-by-OwnerXSmallThe FSBO or for sale by owner is a process of selling the real estate without the help of a real estate agency. Signing a contract with an agency legally binds you to provide a commission that is usually from 5 to 6 percent of the price. If you sell your house for let’s say 200 000 dollars, you will pay a 10 000 dollars commission to the company. To avoid giving hefty amounts of money to real estate agencies, do your market research and sell the realty on your own.
Buyer’s agent.
When meeting with an agent who is representing his client, the buyer, make sure that you understand buyers demands and work your way around it without lowering your original price. Get familiar with the laws and regulations of selling a real estate. It is essential if you want to avoid certain suggestions, which the agent’s use as an excuse to make you decrease your price.


Do your research.
Determining a realistic price is a major step as well. Make sure you understand the location of your realty and compare the prices of surrounding real estates that are on the market for selling. If your price is much higher than the price of other houses in the vicinity, you might want to lower it for a couple of numbers to maintain connections with buyer’s agent. It might be a good idea to check with your broker and determine how much the buyer is offering to give.
Investing in your sale.
meet-greetIf your real estate requires some minor investment in the exterior or interior, contact your local bank and see what they have to offer in their list of credit loans. You can even come to an arrangement of paying them after a couple of months of selling the realty. Another option is to take that money that you have on the side and make smart investments adding only what is essential for a home to function normally. Finding quick solutions with interior designer might be a good idea. There are many creative ways of upgrading your home to look like a modern house that will look more appealing than before. Many of these solutions don’t require too much money and are easy to do it yourself, provided that you get the materials needed for the construction.

Real estate

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in FSBO, Real estate |

You’ve probably already heard about a real estate. You have bought the house, property or land, or you have sold it. You’ve worked with agents, and you’ve hired them, etc. But have you ever heard of FSBO? If your answer is no and if you want to learn something new, then on keep reading this.
For Sale By Owner is the real estate selling process, but only without any agent. But if you decide to sell the part of your property without anybody to help you, you are taking a huge risk. You never know what could go wrong. You wonder if you will set the price right or if you have enough time and patience for this. I’m sure you are worried about the documents and who will prepare all of them.

Now you may be wondering why people choose to do this. Why do take such a significant risk? Well, the truth is that they opted to do this because they want to avoid paying the commission for their real estate. This can be very expensive, and it can put you in a bad situation. Let’s make an example, in the United States, the agent’s commission is about five to six percent of the sold property price, which is not okay at all. This is exactly why more and more sellers every day pick this selling way.
House-for-Sale-by-OwnerXSmallIf you decide to do this on your own, there are a few options you have to know about. You can do it all yourself and pay no fee. You can accomplish this by using the internet. You will find all kinds of help and instructions there, and you will be able to do everything on your own. What you can also do is to make your flyers.
The next option would be getting just a little help and paying even less commission. In this way, your property will be marked and put on the list to all the real estate agents and the one that applies will take a big portion of work on their hands. The FSBO will have to pay the fee to the broker that brings an actual buyer. The whole point of this is to pay just a half of what you would have a need to pay otherwise. That agent needs to prepare all the paperwork and get everything ready for the sale. If you are interested in this, if you like this option contact this agent and find out more about it, and you will not be sorry for doing it because our job is to make people happy.

If you show no interest in none of these two above, then you can pay a fee to your broker. You can make it only a one-time payment or an hourly payment. The good side of this is that you will not have to pay commission as a FSBO, and you will still get the agent’s help. Make sure you consider all the options well enough and pick the one that looks the best to you.

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